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Minsk's daughter and Lipchitz's grand-niece, Simone Berno starts painting in 1991.
Her worshop is close to the Bastille.

Regular exhbitions since 1994 :
Parisian Salons : Salon du IV, Salon d'Automne, Salon de Mai, Figuration Critique.
Parisian Galleries : Dima, Saint Gilles, Cheval de Sable, Arcade.
and in New York Agora Gallery, Mokpo Museum (South Korea), Centre Saint Jean (Bruges - Belgium).

In 2003, she paints a mural fresco for the Necker Hospital (Paris , 15th arrondissement).
In 2004 and 2005, she exhibits in China (Shanghai Art Fair).

Works Acquired :
Municipal Museum of Mokpo (South Korea), Town Hall of Paris 4th, University of Paris II Sorbonne - Panthéon.

Quoted Value by Adec and Adoun


Simone Berno's work is characterized by great periods. After a series of stylized and colorful Teddy Bears that travelled around the world, from Korea to New York, she is working on a fusion of industrial and natural materials to create an abstract series. Abstract Landscapes and Deserts are paintings with a varied medium and intense light.

Her most recent period rexplores the spontaneity and colorfulness of the Teddy Bears through a new subject: Herds of Pigs. The variety of harmonious colors create an effect of a moving crowd under intense skies. This repetition tends to make the subject disappear, as to leave room for a personal pictorial language.

4 ours pionniers - 55x64 cm
Acrylic on canvas

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